BIG NEWS. On March 4th, members of the Community Board #1 Parks and Waterfront Committee; relatives of Marsha P. Johnson, James Carey and Anika Dorsey; Sylvia Rivera’s daughter Mariah Lopez, who continues Johnson and Rivera’s work through STARR; and many LGBTQ+ and local community attendees pushed back incredibly hard on NY State Parks who along with their designer presented details on their reconstruction of the park. The family spoke passionately about being left out of the design process along with committee and board members and the public, and demanded that this redesign construction be halted. The committee unanimously passed a resolution demanding NYS State Parks halt construction, scrap the core new art elements, and meet with the LGBTQ+ and local communities to devise something new and better. Great work everyone!!! The full board will vote to ratify the resolution this Tuesday 3/9 at 6pm at their monthly meeting.

Watch the meeting playback.