Rendering of new park slab design with people walking on technicolored striped paint.

Two days prior to construction commencing, New York State Parks revealed to Community Board #1 in Brooklyn that a new thermoplastic asphalt mural was being installed along with 8′-tall plastic-coated foam flowers, and increased asphalt on pathways. This will obliterate a community-led design that embraced naturalism and the historical fabric of the site’s past.

Progress had been made in getting these problematic elements pulled from the design. Read the update.

While we celebrate the naming of the park to honor Marsha P. Johnson, we feel her commitment to community and love of real flowers must be reflected in creating a park that answers the community’s dire need for green space and our environment’s call for protection from paving and plastic.

We ask you to join us by signing the petition and adding your comment with your reasons for support.